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    BungeeSuitePortals (version 0.1) - Portals plugin for BungeeSuite

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  2. Hello at the first point great plugin and the second point i made portals to other servers they work but when i reload restart then dont the portals work more. then must delete them en create new one do i some thing wrong
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  3. Are you using /reload? If so dont
  4. sometime i must install plugins or reload configs can`t it save portals
  5. Stop the server with /stop then start it again. Or if you must /reload atleast reconnect
  6. 'PORTAL' Fill type does not work? :(
  7. It just doesn't auto fill it for some reason. You can use the portal fill type then manually place them I believe
  8. i understand that i must do that but as yet it dont create a config file
  9. Does your server-name in server.properties match your bungeecord config?
    Are you logging on to the server?
  10. does this support cross server inventory?
  11. No
  12. i get the same problem
  13. There should be an error when you create the portal then either in your bungee cord consol or bukkit console
  14. bungee cord and bloodspalts plugins hate the reload command people, bloodsplat has said this many times in his plugins if you must..... " stop the server and start it". "from experience" start your servers first then start your bungee cord last.
    I do this all day long and it has saved me many hours of back pedaling. stop the /reloads forget its there for now:)
  15. Is there a way you could add configuration to this plugin? I noticed it used the wood axe for selecting points, and unfortunately that conflicts with Worldedit on my servers. If that was configurable that would be awesome! Maybe add the ability to have kind of fill type?
  16. Read the front page for fill types. The axe at this stage is non configurable sorry
  17. Okay! Just suggestions/requests you definitely don't have to, I love your plugins as they are. Keep up the good work! Also do you accept donations?
  18. I will add it just not right now :D

    On the bungeesuite page there is a donation button.

    Thanks for the input
  19. I have a few servers. On what server do i need to install the portals plugin?

    • On the BungeeCoord Master server
    • On the server where i portal need
      • Do i need to install here bungeesuite too?