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  1. bloodsplat submitted a new resource:

    BungeeSuiteSpawn (version 0.1) - A Proxy wide spawn system

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  2. Feature request:
    * Global spawn (/spawn)
    * Per-server spawn (/sspawn)

    The command sspawn will send the player to the spawn of the current server.
    And the spawn command will do the same what it does now.
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  3. Great idea, I did think about this just wasnt sure how to implement it. Ill try add it this weekend if I get time.
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  4. Using build #405 of the proxy
    and V.0.14 of Suite
    and V.01 of Spawn

    I get this error when /setspawn or /setnewspawn
    It shows that "Spawn has been set"
    however when I /spawn it says "The spawn point has not been set"
    It says something about MySQL so I redid my SQL tables just to make sure.
    This is the error console, any help would be awesome :3
  5. Hmmm thanks I think I have found the issue. It was a BungeeSuite issue the call to the database had a rogue 'y' in it for some reason lol.

    When I release the other plugins today BungeeSuite will be updated. Just grab it again when its out and the issue should be fixed.
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  6. I believe this is now fixed, redownload BungeeSuite to fix
  7. Feature request:
    - ability to configure per server that they always join at the spawn.

    Would be awesome to have at hub if going back to it through a portal or using /server hub command.
    Also have a few subservers where this would be perfect aswell ;)
  8. Will do

    I use BungeeSuite portals and BungeeSuite warps for this at the moment. "/setwarp survivalspawn private" "/setportal survivalportal warp survivalspawn"

    But that only works if they come from the hub server or through the portal.
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  9. Oh! clever!
    Didn't think of that! ;) will do this temporarily with the portals atleast ^^
  10. Will this plugin mess with any other spawn plugin running on servers under the proxy?
  11. It will take over the /spawn command
  12. externo6


    Hello, having an issue with /spawn

    As a standard player without admin permissions ('*') /spawn won't work unless you do another command before it.
    Normal players have the perm bungeesuite.spawn.spawn.
    It works fine as admins, /spawn works without having to type another command but not as a normal player.

    1. Join the server as a normal player
    2. Move to another server
    3. do /spawn nothing happens (nothing shows in console)
    4. do any other command eg /warps
    5. do /spawn again and it works (shows up in console)
    Hope you can help :)
  13. What shows/doesn't show in console? Works fine for me. It could be that you have essentials spawn on still
  14. externo6


    We removed Essentials spawn. Ok, /spawn will not register as a command until another is done.


    /spawn - does not show in console
    /warps - shows in console
    /spawn - shows in console

    They have to do another command before /spawn for it to register.
    As an admin we have no problem with this. Ill continue to look for the cause but im thinking its in our permissions somewhere.

  15. That's extremely odd. There's no errors in the bungee console either?
  16. externo6


    I do apologise, figured it out. Seems to be an issue with our Pwnfilter rules, found out it wanst just /spawn.
    Next time ill do more testing before posting :D
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  17. I have an inquiry about PermissionsEx and inheritance. I'm guessing this plugin uses Bukkit permissions and not Bungee (new to Bungee). I can make the /spawn command work for users when the permission is assigned directly to them or when assigned to a group they belong to directly. However, if they inherit the permission via another group, then they do not have permission to use /spawn.

    Right now the only way I can make it work is to add the bungeesuite.spawn.spawn permission to each and every group I have defined in PEX instead of adding it to the lowest level group (as all higher groups inherit from the group below them).

  18. Pex inheritance we works for me. If you can find any error logs please post them :)
  19. I was quite confused as there were no errors other than the message stating I didn't have permission to use the command. After your comment I decided to dig a little deeper and discovered that I had to run /PEX RELOAD for the changed permissions to take effect.

    I recently changed my PEX setup to use MySQL since I now have a multi-server setup, and I didn't know this was necessary. My file-based permissions always applied immediately prior.

    Thanks for the step in the right direction and your awesome suite!