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Teleport Module for BungeeSuite V3

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    BungeeSuiteBukkit (version 0.75) - The server side plugin for BungeeSuite

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  2. hello,

    i have see in your github commits, the sign updates is in a async task, i think this is not very good idee.

    Read in this wiki from bukkit:

    "Warning: Asynchronous tasks should never access any API in Bukkit"

    If you want change the signs on a server, please do it with an sync task or the server can crash.
    Suchs errors are hard to find.

  3. OH LORD, WHAT HAVE I LOOKED AT ! (it's a joke, no offense)
    Do note that the problem you have noted n0nick2013 is, I believe, wrong, because the lines are stored as a String on the craftbukkit side, and that's an immutable field, so there can't be concurrent modifications. However, seeing the amount of raw access to hashmaps made... I doubt the code is "thread-safe" at all.
  4. n0nick2013 roblabla
    Hmm I changed them back to sync when I first released this. Are you actually having any problems though with signs specifically? It would most likely be crashing the server if you were. Today I finally get a chance to do some testing so I can hopefully find any errors
  5. I'm not a server owner, so no, but you should really be extra-cautious when dealing with multithreading. Anything that has a state that can internally change (like hashmaps) is prone to bugs. And bukkit API is not thread-safe, as n0nick mentioned.

    The easy way out would be to change it to sync. The harder way out would be to synchronize only the bukkit calls, and then make sure everything in your plugin is thread-safe. The super-hard way out would be to make bukkit thread-safe, but good luck with that :p
  6. This plugin requires Vault, please add that to the main page.

    It crashes without it.
  7. Turn it off in config
  8. I like the modularization. BungeeSuiteTeleport is really well done.
  9. It's also very nice to manage the permissions with bukkit instead of bungee.
  10. Plugin messages dont seem to be working after build 397 so use a either 397 or a previous build
  11. Lastest BungeeCord build fixed the issue
  12. Do you mind implementing tpahere? :D
    Edit: Meant tphere ;D
    #17 fr34kyn01535, May 5, 2013
    Last edited: May 5, 2013
  13. Front page:
    description: Sends a request for the target player to teleport to you.
    permissions: bungeesuite.teleport.tpahere

    If you mean /tphere just use /tp (playername) (yourname) for now
  14. dimensionZ


    I beleive he meant tpahere, as in, inverse /tpa (ask a player if he wants to tp to you)
  15. Arrrghhh yea sorry ;D haha :D Ok ty.