Bungee - Spigot BungeeSuiteChat BungeeSuiteChat v0.50b-41

Chat handler for BungeeSuite includes cancel login message, /msg, /nick, /mute and more!

  1. bloodsplat

    I think you'll find this decently interesting:
    The server that kept not wanting to work with chat and all - To see if it was the hosting company, a friend bought a server by the same hosting company, but that server's chat worked perfectly, and the "ExtremeGaming" server still didn't. Just today, we decided that maybe it was part of a "bad batch" in simple terms, and so we stopped paying for it and bought another server and renamed it to Allstercraft. When we try chatting on that server, it does not work, and it's the same as ExtremeGaming with the errors and such.

    It just doesn't logically make sense! Any ideas?

  2. It could be a certain plugin on that server stopping you from receiving plugin messages. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to do some work on it and change the dynamics a little which may help

  3. But we didn't add any plugins other than PermissionsEX and Vault :3 But yeah, some more debugging should help.
  4. Just a heads up, the issues that I just reported:

    Are actually crashing the server. xD

    It seems that everytime someone talks, players seeing it on another server don't see it correctly. They just see the name in white and chat in the correct color. They get this error every time this happens, which in turn crashes whatever server they were on as it spams the console and crashes the players client.
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  5. Have developed an issue with chat where all chat results in a "null" output.

    No error in the console, format is maintained where the world prefix is displayed but the actual chat text shows only as 'Null"

    BungeeSuiteChat v0.24
    BungeeSuite v0.30
    Spigot #1043

  6. I know that I'm not the right person to answer this, but I say this just as a personal recommendation - you might want to use the Dev Builds, they work quite better. If you want to look into them more, here's the links:
    http://ci.md-5.net/job/BungeeSuite/ (v0.51)
    http://ci.md-5.net/job/BungeeSuiteChat/ (v0.51)
    http://ci.md-5.net/job/Spigot/ (#1094)

    If you choose to go with these builds, you'll have to regenerate data (for example, MySQL).

    If you don't want to go with these, bloodsplat can answer your questions right down to it. Pretty fast responses, too. But yeah just thought I'd letcha know.
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  7. Thanks SPGEARClub, will look into the DEV builds as suggested.
  8. How can i show faction tags without the ugly {faction_tag} showing around the evtire server when people arent in the factions server?
  9. dad


    I am not able to get a handle on when and why , but bungee chat seems to be intermittently throwing errors, sometimes crashing server, sometimes kicking everyone.

  10. i updated spigot i updated bungeecord and disabled BungeeSuiteTeleports latest dev build and everything works great!
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  11. Which version(s)?
  12. Use the global regex to remove it just add
    There and it should remove it from the global chat.
  13. Ok I finally have some time to work on this will hopefully fix up the dev builds today
  14. Yay ^.^ Could I ask what time zone you're in though?
  15. +10
    It's 10:50am here :D
  16. I install it just like the instructions say, but chat.yml never shows up in the bungeecord plugins folder for BungeeSuite.
  17. Oh lol. I'm -6 (8:50 pm from what you said) haha a bit off from what i imagined... :p
  18. Simo389
    You two still having issues with that one server?
  19. dad


    Thanks for the links, I can try them all except for spiggot, I am staying at 1.5.2, I am happy to do so, Not a big fan of bugs and issues(and for what carpet and horses? ride a pig), and I love me some zombie hordes. And add a tekkit voltz server in the mix and I'm stuck. SOO That leaves using plugins not dependent on 1.6.2 and or latest dev builds. thanks for the sugestions I will give them a go.