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  1. Thanks for finding that! A fix will be included in the next update.
  2. The location variables used to show an integer, which was clean and nice. Now it shows the x, y, and z to 13 decimal places. Could you please give us the option to display whole numbers for coordinates?
  3. There's already an option for that. Use ${viewer location_x 1.0} for no decimals, ${viewer location_x 1.1} for one, ... works the same way for most other placeholders.

    As far as I can tell you're doing everything right.

    Please note that your custom variable will only work when connected to a server where your custom plugin is installed. Also you need to install BungeeTabListPlus_BukkitBridge on that server.
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  4. Perfect, thank you for the quick response!
  5. Thanks for replying, I already managed to register a variable with the name "test", but now I want to register more, I followed the same procedure but did not recognize the other variables I registered, any ideas?
  6. You might want to switch to using the latest dev-build of BungeeTabListPlus. Version 2.6.4 has a bug that prevents it from recognizing new placeholders after the spigot server was restart/ reloaded. Restarting BungeeCord fixes the problem, but it's probably still annoying.
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  7. Thanks for that, it seems to work with the version "BungeeTabListPlus-2.6.5"
  8. Hello have some trouble... can anybody help me?


    niggytron must be under my name but dont know how to solve this... hows the error..?!

    Code (Text):
    # Draft for new tablist.yml design

    showTo: '${viewer server} == "Survival_1"'

    priority: 1

    type: FIXED_SIZE

    showHeaderFooter: true

    - '&7Du befindest dich auf dem Server: &bGS Survival &7(&b${playerset:currentServer size}&7)'

    headerAnimationUpdateInterval: 0.5

    - '&7Homepage: &bwww.balayacraft.de'
    - '&7Teamspeak: &bbalayacraft.de'
    - '&c&l❤&r &7Das gesamte &bBC-Team &7wuenscht euch viel Spass! &c&l❤'
    - '&7Aktuelle Uhrzeit: &b${time HH:mm:ss}'

    footerAnimationUpdateInterval: 10.0

    defaultIcon: colors/dark_gray.png
    defaultPing: 1000
    size: 60

        filter: "true"
        filter: |-
          ${player server} == "Survival_1"
        filter: |-
          ${player server} == "Kreativ"
        filter: |-
          ${player server} == ${viewer server}
        filter: |-
          ${player server} == "Survival_1" or ${player server} == "Kreativ"
        filter: |-
          ${player vault_primary_group} == "support"
          or ${player vault_primary_group} == "mod"
          or ${player vault_primary_group} == "coadmin"
          or ${player vault_primary_group} == "admin"
          or ${player vault_primary_group} == "owner"

        condition: "${viewer ping} < 50"
        true: "&a${viewer ping} &7ms (&aGut&7)"
        false: "&e${viewer ping} &7ms (&eNaja&7)"
        condition: "${viewer ping} < 150"
        true: ${viewer_colored_ping0}
        false: "&c${viewer ping} &7ms (&cSchlecht&7)"

    - !table
        - {text: "", icon: "colors/aqua.png", ping: 0}
        - {text: "&7Gesamt Online:", icon: "colors/aqua.png", ping: 0}
        - {text: "&b${playerset:serverzusammenfassung size} &7Spieler", icon: "colors/aqua.png", ping: 0}
        - {text: "", icon: "colors/aqua.png", ping: 0}
        - {text: "", icon: "colors/aqua.png", ping: 0}
        - {text: "&7Dein Ping:", icon: "colors/aqua.png", ping: 0}
        - {text: "&b${viewer_colored_ping}", icon: "colors/aqua.png", ping: 0}
        - {text: "", icon: "colors/aqua.png", ping: 0}
        - {text: "", icon: "colors/aqua.png", ping: 0}
        - {text: "&7Team Online:", icon: "colors/aqua.png", ping: 0}
        - {text: "&b${playerset:team size}&7/&c4", icon: "colors/aqua.png", ping: 0}
        - {text: "", icon: "colors/aqua.png", ping: 0}
        - {text: "", icon: "colors/aqua.png", ping: 0}
        - {text: "&7Kontostand:", icon: "colors/aqua.png", ping: 0}
        - {text: "&b${viewer vault_balance}", icon: "colors/aqua.png", ping: 0}
        - {text: "", icon: "colors/aqua.png", ping: 0}
        - {text: "", icon: "colors/aqua.png", ping: 0}
        - {text: "&7Votepunkte:", icon: "colors/aqua.png", ping: 0}
        - {text: "&b${viewer player_points} &7Punkte", icon: "colors/aqua.png", ping: 0}
        - {text: "&7Voten mit &b/vote", icon: "colors/aqua.png", ping: 0}
        - {text: "", icon: "colors/dark_gray.png", ping: 100}
        - {text: "", icon: "colors/dark_gray.png", ping: 100}
        - !players
          playerSet: Survival_1
          playerOrder:  "vaultGroupInfo,teamfirst,youFirst,AFKLast,playerWorldFirst,alphabetically"
          playerComponent: {text: "${player vault_prefix}${player name}", icon: "${player skin}", ping: "${player ping}"}
          morePlayersComponent: {text: "&7... und &b${other_count} &7weitere", icon: "default/players.png", ping: 0}
          fillSlotsVertical: true
    it seems this is a bug...
    #2389 NoHoPeLess, Jan 1, 2017
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2017
  9. The use of Citizens or other NPC plugins can cause an effect like this. When using Citizens updating it to the latest version should resolve the issue (unless you're using a two year old Minecraft version). Of cause the effect could be caused by something else, but most likely it is caused by a plugin on the Bukkit/ Spigot server.
  10. @CodeCrafter47 Can I create a custom tablist and edit it from Bukkit side API? I'm making a minigame and I want to sort players in the tablist by their score.
    ... Or I will just fill my custom placeholders to the tab, each placeholder represents it's slot value, and schedule an async task updating these placeholders. It's kinda stupid.
  11. You can't create or edit a custom tab list using the bukkit side API.
  12. What is the permission for show other players ?
    When I am OP, I show all player, but the random player not show me !
  13. The bungeetablistplus.seevanished permission allows you to see vanished players in the tab list. Other than that there are no permissions which directly influence who is displayed on the tab list.
  14. J'adore ce plugin!!! Il est merveilleux mais j'ai quelque problème avec la config.
    1) Je ne réussi pas a mettre les têtes dans le tab
    2) Je ne réussi pas a mettre les haut gradé en premier. Le joueur teste a le plus petit grade mais il est devant le Fondateur.

    I love this plugin !!! It is wonderful but I have some problem with the config.
    1) I do not manage to put the heads in the tab
    2) I did not manage to put the high ranking first. The player teste has the smallest rank but it is before the Founder.

    Code (Text):
          playerOrder: "vaultGroupInfo,teamfirst,AFKLast"

    dls for my bad english ^^
  15. 1) No heads for cracked servers.
    2) You need to configure the weight property of your permission groups. How to do it when using PermissionsEx is explained on the wiki: https://github.com/CodeCrafter47/BungeeTabListPlus/wiki/PermissionsEx. The procedure is similar when using other permission plugins.
  16. Sometimes player heads are switching, for exampleTimr2000 with moppersmurff's head and mopersmurff with timr2000's head
    #2397 timr2000, Jan 16, 2017
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2017
  17. is there any integrations with luckperms and nucleus? I'd like to make use of the afk status from nucleus, and the groups from luckperms.

    I've got everything setup, except I can't find any placeholders that make sense


    disregard the groups question, but AFK question still stands with nucleus
    #2398 Huene, Jan 16, 2017
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  18. Switching only for a few seconds, or for a longer time? (I wouldn't consider it an issue if it was only for a second or so). Also are you using Citizens or any other NPC plugins?

    It's not possible to display the AFK status from nucleus in BungeeTabListPlus.
  19. When i rejoin the bug is gone, and im only using citizens in my lobby but do not got the problem there, and only got it with the DYNAMIC_SIZE tablist