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  1. So I have a staff chat plugin on my BungeeCord proxy, and I was wondering if there is a Vault Plug-in for BungeeCord? Reason is because I have LiteBansBungee and I want prefixes to show on the staff chat. Is there anyway to do this?
  2. I suggest reading the LiteBans wiki: https://gitlab.com/ruany/LiteBans/-/wikis/FAQ
    Btw I don't think it would require vault on the bungeecord server as don't you need to have it on the individual servers themselves in order for it to function?
  3. Nope, there isn't a Vault for BungeeCord. Two options:

    1) Install LiteBans under all Spigot instances, link them to the same database, and remove it from BungeeCord

    2) Setting "use_display_names: true" in config.yml could work depending on chat/permissions plugins used. Basically, any Bungee plugin which adds prefixes/suffixes to Bungee-side display names will allow this option to display them. I'm not sure which plugins do this, though.

    The wiki doesn't answer this question, though I might add it at some point.
  4. Whoops! I made a Typo, I am really sorry for this. When i said LiteBansBungee, I meant LuckPermsBungee. I should have responded earlier saying I typed a mistake. I'm really sorry guys. Is there any way you can help me with LuckPermsBungee?