Bungee - Proxy BungeeWhitelist 1.3

Get a whitelist for every server in your proxy. Controllable with only 1 command

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    Bungee Whitelist - Get a whitelist for every server in your proxy. Controllable with only 1 command

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    Fixes + addons

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  3. Hey samyratchet, I'm trying your whitelist plugin now.

    One thing of notice so far, it doesn't check if a username has already been whitelisted.
  4. ^ Fixed. Enjoy and make sure to leave a nice review if possible! :)
  5. So a few questions. Is there away I can tie the add.player.server command to a sign where if they click it will automatically whitelist them to the indicated server? And then if player is whitelisted to server A can they then be whitelisted on server B as well, and if so is there a way to limit that. And finally is there away to limit amount of avaialbe whitelist slots so if I want a server to host only 10players then get whitelisted in their, then the server will not allowing anymore whitelisting until the player count on the server drops to 9 whitelisted. Leaving 1 slot for a player to join the server in question?
  6. Sorry for not viewing this sooner:

    - I would need to look into the sign part, but not sure if I am able to do so.
    - Yes a player can be whitelisted to more then 1 server. There is no limit I think. The only limit is you not putting him on both whitelists or what do you mean?
    - Limitting how many whitelisted players a server can have is possible I think. I'll try and ask @Minevid to recode this plugin and ask him to take a look at your requests. (He is the one who programmed it for me back in the days)

    Kind regards
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  7. For the first suggestion I would suggest to take a look at a bungee sign plugin which does this for you.
    Second suggestion: this is your own choice? If you want player A to be whitelisted to server 1 and 2 you have to do so yourself.
    Third suggestion: This I will add for sure since it can be nice.
  8. Can you add that if player has permission for example:
    This will mean that even if whitelist is on that player will be able to join that server without being on the list. Good for giving this permission to admins so they can join :) without being added
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  9. It's so easy and simple plugin but sad it wasn't updated and fixed for a while :(