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  1. I am thinking of getting GTA V when the summer sale starts for steam, anyone have any comments? Should I or should I not? Is it fun ?
  2. It's very fun I have it on PS4.
  3. No...? What ?
  4. If you have a lot of time to kill, yes. PC master race.
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  5. I was banned for no reason
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  6. Mainly over the summer, besides life guarding and my Build Team I have nothing.
  7. I have it for PC and Xbox, I got it for PC so I can mod it and just fool around, I think its a good game, specially since the next one wont be out for 2-4 years
  8. Okay
  9. Yes I recently bought it when it was in sale ,its definitely worth it!
  10. Its nice but the amount of files you have to download is like ugh even when you buy it at a local store
  11. Buy it.
    It's awesome
  12. It's a good game, but I got bored of it surprisingly fast. I really want to try it out again (it's been a few months) but, well....
  13. ^ It was my favourite game for a few months, considering the story mode was amazing. Online gets boring very fast, unless you have friends to play with.
  14. It´s a really nice gamemode to be honest. :D
  15. It worth the money,if you didn't bought yet.
  16. It's def. a time eater but great game. I don't know how the community is now, but when it first came out on console those were the days! Online was so much fun with a ton of friends. I was gonna do the same thing and get it during the sale (I own it on xbox360) but I forgot :(
  17. I'd say only get if you have friends who already have it or plan to get it with you. Without friends on GTA, there is legit nothing to do and the game is flat out shit. A bigger group to play with is always best otherwise, with limited ideas also, it's dry af.
  18. I think the campaign is great, and thats party of 1. But once you finish that you definitely want some friends to play online with.
  19. if you gonna play it with some of your friends. go for it,