Buycraft 1.10?

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Fonzee9, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. Please tell me they have it!
  2. After i updated i click the package and it doesn't show a link like it normally does
  3. Any errors in console?
  4. Doesn't look related to updating versions. Try deleting your BuyCraft folder, then starting up again and setting the API key again.
  5. But it only happened when i updated to 1.10
  6. Did what you said got the same error..
  7. It is probably related to versions since fanciful uses NMS via reflection, that definitely has potential to break.
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  8. I have no issues in 1.10 accept for buycraft i need it to work.. Is there a devbuild for 1.10?
  9. I rlly don't want to downgrade my server but i might have to because buycraft is how i keep my server up and running
  10. Is there anything i can do to keep my server on 1.10 with buycraft but still allow people to buy my ranks?
  11. Just wait patiently, or contribute to it if you know Java (I doubt so, otherwise you wouldn't make this thread) as I think it is open source.
  12. Yep, that's why I personally use a system that relies on /tellraw instead of composing messages with NMS. One less thing to update.
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  13. MiniDigger


    don't use fanciful (because it uses nms) and don't use tellraw (why would you want to execute a command just for sending a message?...)
    Spigot has its own chat api.
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  14. Does that also work in Spigot too even though the tutorial says BungeeCord?
    Edit, NVM, player.spigot().sendMessage(fancyStuff);
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  15. So its a problem with the Fanciful API (, cause its open source i try to update it and merge the 1.9 BuyCraft jar with my fancful update, i will upload the jar then.
  16. Better yet, just change Buycraft so that it uses the ChatComponentAPI? o_O
  17. the developers of them need to change it, atm its easier to replace the line which checks the server version ^^
  18. I was planning to do that, I'm thinking about just setting the dependency to a provided one and the type jar. This dude supposedly made it work with 1.10