Buycraft Bungeecord Issue

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  1. So basically I have this issue where whenever somebody buys a rank or item, they do not receive them, and it says "due" when I go into investigate the payment information.

    I believe this is an issue w/ bungeecord or my factions & prison server. My buycraft is online (premium).

    My skype is: business.rockyroad83

    I know for a fact its a bungeecord/server issue, but I do not know step by step how to fix. A reward will be issued to whoever fixes it!
  2. Do you have up-to-date buycraft for bungeecord and up-to-date buycraft for spigot. Make sure that the commands are set to run on the proper server (eg dont run /pex or /manuadd or /give on bungee/ dont run /send /alert etc on spigot), Is the server properly linked to the buycraft page. Make sure to run "buycraft secret (Secret key)" in console for all of the servers. Run /buycraft refresh or /buycraft reload and it might work.
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  3. everything is linked up. and setup.
    LIke I said, this is a bungeecord error.
  4. ALSO /buy is no longer working
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    We cannot help you without more information.
    /buycraft report
    on your bungeecord.