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  1. Hello, i'm setting up an server and i need to know how i can do that if someone bought a rank, i can select what commands do the console on each server that connected is.

    And another thing, /buy doesn't work with buycraft bungeecord but i installed the server key and all.
  2. Install BuyCraft on all servers

    On BuyCraft add more servers

    Get the key for each, and add it to the appropriate server.
  3. You can not select what commands to run on a specific server through one product.
    You will need to add multiple but seperate products on your buycraft store to run different commands per server.
  4. And if i want that the gold rank gets money on the survival server automatically?
  5. I don't think you can do that, unless you add it as a command in the buycraft product.
    please note that doing this will give them that amount on all servers
  6. Yes you can? If I'm understanding what you're trying to say...
    When adding an item in BuyCraft
    e.g. "1 Gold Key"

    There's an option where you can say what server you want it to run on "e.g. Skyblock"

    I suggest you make Categories for each server, then each item assign it to the appropriate server.

    If you're wanting the command to run on all servers, I suggest you get a plugin that can run a set command on all servers,
    on /boughtgold <player>
    on Skyblock: /lp user <player> parent set Gold
    on Factions: lp user <player> parent set Gold; eco give <player> 1000
  7. I am using zPermissions
  8. Please don't post spam content...
    Still, same concept, and also, switch to LuckPerms...
  9. Thanks voor helping!