Spigot BuyCraft Expansion PlaceholderAPI 3.1

This expansion allows to get buycraft placeholders

  1. Whoa, hold up. This pulls in recent purchases?
  2. Yes, up to 11 recent purchases
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  3. Alessandro4 updated BuyCraft Expansion PlaceholderAPI with a new update entry:

    More placeholders UPDATE

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  4. Alessandro4 updated BuyCraft Expansion PlaceholderAPI with a new update entry:

    Vault Hook added

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  5. Thank your for the update, the recent donations placeholders are working great, but the top donations placeholders are not working for me, when i put them on a hologram it throws an error on the console and ingame It just says %buycraftAPI_top_donor_name_1%, %buycraftAPI_top_donor_currency_1%...

    Placeholders ingame (the first ones are recent donations placeholders): https://imgur.com/a/PUBmv9u
    Console error: https://pastebin.com/zLBLpG8b

    Im using the latest version of PlaceholderAPI, BuyCraft and BuyCraftAPI
  6. Like I wrote in the overview you the first number is 0, so if you are the only one in the top and if you want to know the information of the first player in the top you have to use 0 and not 1.
  7. I also suggest adding a monthly donation placeholder, so i can show the top 3 monthly donators, instead of all time for example.
  8. My placeholders only show the last 100 payments(BuyCraftPlugin's developer made a block, so I can't bypass it). So what you see is the top players in 100 payments.
  9. Ah right okay - thats not really the top donators then if you get a fair amount of donators lol.
  10. I would like to request addition the following placeholders to take this to the next level!
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  11. @Alessandro4 You are supporting the version on spigot which is years old, update it to work with the most update jar in the tebex website.

    No one uses that version of buycraft anymore.
  12. upload_2020-9-24_18-54-36.png
    Can you give me the link where you found the new versions pls.