Buycraft for Multiple Servers

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  1. So I'm trying to open another server to my Network, and all I need left is to link up Buycraft. I use the SAME Buycraft store for both servers. I added the key, and when I do /buycraft secret (then the key code), it says this:
    When I do /buycraft reload, it then says this:
    Please help me out to fix this!

    Do NOT tell me that I have to make a new buycraft store, because I'm not. I had done this in the past before for a prison server, but it shut down, and now I forgot how to do it.


    Thank you!
  2. In the config: bungeecord=true
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  3. ^
  4. Config file in Buycraft's folder (can't remember if it was settings.conf , config.yml or what..)