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  1. While setting up my Buycraft website it says i need to fill in my GDPR audit but do i really? i run a VERY small server, and i do not care to see private information (name, address, email etc) so from someone who knows and is NOT just guessing. So does anyone know for a fact. DO i NEED to set it up or do i NOT have to.
  2. You don't have to.
  3. Nah you don't have to fill it in if you are a small server. I think only once you start generating enough money you'll have to fill it in to proceed to like the premium version of buycraft.
  4. Not required.
  5. Doesn't Buycraft simply tell you what happens if you don't fill the audit? If you don't fill it, you won't get access to the personal data of the order such as the email, IP and residence adress. It literally takes 30 seconds to fill the poll they prompt you to, so you've wasted more time asking about the thing here than it took to complete the audit. I'm cofused about the purpose of this thread.
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  6. @MrDienns yeah exactly. Like if you take 10 seconds of your time and read this. You immediatly know that okay I only have to fill it in once I want a paid plan because its neccesary.

    Takes less than 5 minutes to find.


    I'll leave it here for @clx_.

    As for the question. No you don't have to fill it in right now.
    If you ever go for buycraft premium its safer to just fill it in.
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  7. Like I said I dont care to see the private info.
  8. Well you've got your answer. please mark thread as solved.
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