Standalone Buycraft Stats 0.1

Get to know other servers Buycraft statistics

  1. kyle submitted a new resource:

    Buycraft Stats - Get to know other servers Buycraft statistics

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  2. Would this work for the servers that removed the 'Recent Donations' widget?
  3. it would not, it just reads the html from the page
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  4. dtm

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    Damn, Can't check hypixel. joke.

    Anyway: Nice resource.
  5. Name: Emmenzz

    Amount: -1.0

    Rank: Obsidian

    Name: zsapp1460

    Amount: -1.0

    Rank: Diamond

    Name: minecraftman742

    Amount: -1.0

    Rank: ULTRA Key

  6. -1 means there is not a price on the page to display
  7. eh can you not make it check all categories like it scans the webstore every 24 hours with content and price like make it so the program knows the package in terms of cost
  8. Ain't nobody got time fo dat
  9. We can always negotiate
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  10. nice plugin :)
  11. Doesn't seem to work anymore ;(