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  1. Hello, I have a Bungeecord server using 1.9.4 and I downloaded the BuyCraft plugin into my server and when I try to type in the buycraft secrect command it says this error message:

    "You don't have permission to use Buycraft administrative commands."

    I am OP as well on the servers and I don't know how to disable that so I can use the commands, any help?
  2. Do you have a rank, sometimes it can be that, failing such method, do it via console...

  3. Yep, just do it in console.
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  4. ok it works via console, but when I try to do other commands like /buycraft in-game and do in-game commands, it says that, and I need to have permission to do that type of commands, how would I do that?
  5. Do you have a rank, also, what perms plugin do you use?
  6. Type in the BuyCraft secret via Console.
    I'm pretty sure you can manually go into the configuration and edit it there as well.
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  7. Key has already been done
  8. It's /buy in-game.
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  9. Alright.
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  10. /buy is a unknown command, even though the plugin is active
  11. Is BuyCraft actually working itself /pl is it red or green?
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  12. It doesn't appear on /pl becuase its in the bungee plugins folder
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  13. Using Buycraft With BungeeCord

    You can use Buycraft with BungeeCord if you install the plugin on each server. You will need to create a secret key for each server in your Buycraft account from the "Servers" page. You can select which of your current packages are added to the server you have just created, you can also assign a package to each server from the package edit page. I suggest sorting the packages into server specific categories making it easier for your players to purchase packages for the correct servers, below are the settings needed for Buycraft & BuycraftX to be able to work with BungeeCord & Spigot.

    Bungee config:

    ipforward: true/false
    online_mode: true/false

    Each server is going to need the following settings:

    Buycraft settings.conf/


    If your Buycraft website is in online mode you need to set them to "true"
    If you're running an offline Buycraft store you will need to set them to "false"

    Credit to Buycraft
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  14. Tux


    If you're using Buycraft on the BungeeCord itself, the permission has to be granted on the BungeeCord proxy itself.

    From the looks of it, you probably wanted to install it on your Spigot server instead. Remove BuycraftX from your BungeeCord plugins directory and install the Bukkit plugin into your Spigot server's plugins directory.
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  15. Since its installed on the BungeeCord Proxy the command will request it from there, try installing the permissions in the BungeeCord config.yml.
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    Make sure in the Bungeecord config (or whatever Bungee permissions plugin you use) give the buycraft.admin permission node to the group you are in. Then you should have proper access.
  17. Thanks for saying the exact same with in another formet ;), not the first time someone does that :/
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    Sorry. Didn't understand your wording.
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  19. Hello i have the same problem anyone can help?