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  1. Hi! Is there a plugin where I can link my Buycraft and assign certain players packages through a sort of GUI? I feel I've seen one before but I never got the name. Thanks!
  2. I think you're talking about buycraftx which is a plugin you get from signing up on this buycraft website and setting up your server with it and when it's all setup players in game will do /buy and a gui will come up of all the things they can buy once fully configured

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  3. I know that. But I've seen a plugin where you can choose packages through a gui and give it to a player free of charge
  4. Free of charge? Perhaps I don't get what you mean, but wouldn't that sort of ruin the purpose of using BuyCraft for your server to begin with?
  5. So are you talking about some kind of plugin that has a GUI where only staff or owners or something like that are able to open it? After this, the GUI would be used to execute a package listed on buycraft on the player instead of them buying it from the store?
  6. Pretty sure you could make something like this yourself using Deluxe Menu's They have loads of placeholders for ranks and can execute commands when a player / staff click on the menu.
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  7. I believe that may be it. Thanks!
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