Buyer Chargebacking on buycraft

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  1. Ill just post whats happened here. Any advice? (I am seller ofcourse.)
    • 5/24/2015 10:33 GMT-04:00 - PayPal: Seller escalated this dispute to a Claim.
    • 5/24/2015 10:33 GMT-04:00 - Seller: This buyer received exactly what he was told he would get. He agreed to the terms and agreements. He decided to leave my game server and is trying to get the money back for what he bought and what he got to use the entire time he played here. I will provide further proof if needed.
    • 5/23/2015 23:25 GMT-04:00 - Buyer: Everything ive purchased has been changed/not there anymore/reset cause money hungry and dont give a FUCK about players just money.
    Heres my only options. What do I do? (3 claims are No Receipt) (2 Claims are not as described)[​IMG]
  2. Compelling evidence I guess
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  3. I agree, screenshot your terms and conditions and send it to them.

    I have also heard there is a higher success rate if you call PayPal directly and explain.
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  4. he bought something and agreed automatticly that an chargeback is not allowed except he haven`t recieved his itens