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  1. Hello everyone, how are you? hope you all feel good.
    While i was searching in the forums, I saw that before like 2 or 3 years there was a button to remove a buyer from the buyers list, but now I don't see it!! can anyone see it? or is there is anyone know what happened to it?

    Tip: I just wanted to know what happened to it, in case someone wanted to leak any of my paid plugins or something like that :)

    And thank you all.
    Ayham Al-Ali.
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  2. I don't think there ever was one since the developer of the plugin could just remove buyers before they could download it and scam them. I don't think it will ever be added back.
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  3. md_5

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    There was one, but it was removed because developers were abusing it.
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  4. That what i thought happened, but this means when someone refund his money and he still able to download it.. i will need to contact you to remove him right?
  5. Choco


    If someone files a chargeback, they are automatically removed from the buyers list. Otherwise, if you refunded someone their money, they should have no incentive to download the resource again anyways. If someone is intentionally trying to scam an author by getting a refund shortly after purchasing the resource, then that's a little different
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  6. Well that's good for me :), but what about those who leak plugins? should i report them/him to remove them/him from the buyers?
  7. Choco


    If it was leaked on the Spigot resource section, report the redistributed resource and we will ban the user and remove the resource. Otherwise, if it was leaked on another website, that's not something we can deal with. You're on your own for that one, unfortunately. You can file a DMCA on the website (or the link the download is hosted on), threaten legal action, or (the recommended approach) simply ignore it and continue to develop your resource as best as you can.
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  8. Well, that's enough for me,
    Thank you for helping :).
  9. na reporting leaker won't help you. I recently reported several with evidence but they are still on buyers list and they continue to leak my premium plugins. Don't bother reporting leakers to Spigot.

    Also, I would strongly discourage manually adding someone to your buyers list. There is no way of removing them (regardless of reasons, such as removing someone who used non-paypal method and charge backed, requesting removing someone from buyers list will not happen)
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  10. You are right, Spigot must add a specific section for reporting leakers, because there is a lot of websites that keep leaking premium plugins, and that's really bad for authors.. but what can we do! it's back to spigot.
    Thank you for your comment.
  11. Choco


    The more you discourage reporting people leaking resources on Spigot, the more likely people are going to be going at us for "not caring for authors", which is not the case. We do remove resources that are obviously leaked, and we've banned countless people. I do not have statistics on hand, but I would estimate at least 3 - 4 people are banned on a weekly basis for distributing premium resources (whether it's for free, or simply reselling it). We can only see what you report, so if you don't report the stolen resource, we can't remove anything. If we can't prove that they stole the resource, then there is nothing we can do. For the most part, code is obviously stolen. Just because you've had bad experiences, does not mean that you should heed others from doing so and rightfully having users banned.

    We do have a "specific section", and it's called the "Report Button" at the bottom of a resource. We're usually on top of reports on a daily basis to keep people happy. Anything done on another website, on the other hand, we cannot deal with. There are websites dedicated to leaking premium resources, so do you really think that we can just ask them, "Can you take this down please?". No... they'll reject because that's their purpose. I repeat, if you report a stolen resource on Spigot, then we will confirm that it is stolen and remove it.
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  12. A lot of words :D, to be honest you have an amazing system, and you are doing great work in SpigotMC, I just don't know much about the report system you have, but I'm sure it's very good, also the report button is amazing and really helpful, but as you said leakers won't stop leaking, and that's their purpose, that's how they get paid as well and that's how they have fun! but thanks god you're doing great work on these problems, so, we are good here.
    Btw we went too far of what we was talking about :D but it's really nice to have a public conversation with you guys :)