Buying server setups (Mini-games)

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by SexyMime, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. Okay, so I own the server and we are looking to get some more mini-games added to our HUB.

    I currently don't have time to start new servers from scratch, but im looking for pre-setup (base) servers.
    IE: A HG server with pre-setup HG configs/maps/lobby.

    What I am mainly looking for as of this time: HG, SG, Infected, Dwarfs vs Zombies

    PM me if your interested in making some extra $$$.
    Skype: mrmime22
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  2. Translation: I have lots of money I want to blow, but I'm too lazy (or not creative) to create something unique for myself.

    I think at somepoint dude, you need to realize that you're going to have to learn things for yourself and stop buying everything. I mean, I admire an entrepreneur who knows how to network... but something about this just feels parasitic.

    Anyway, wrong section. You should put this in the developer recruitment section.
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  3. I created my entire network by myself, rather dont post here if you have nothing at all to contribute. Not everybody has the time to create servers from scratch. And yet your telling me to learn things yet I have created over 8 servers myself? You're a funny guy.
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  4. SexyMime - Wasn't intending a "flamewar" as I don't see the point. However, I think the general impression is worth appreciating, at least...
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  5. To be fair, I'm in the same boat.

    I have the resources, the players, but not the time. Too many projects going on at the moment.
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  6. Yeah same here, i made around 4 servers in the past month, ive been working really, really hard. Now that school started my time has gone away, therefore I just need the base of a server done for me, so I can just add-on things, config, etc.
  7. Pro tip, sell your stuff to him or be taken offline. Because he has money to burn.
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  8. Affixes


    I have a fully configured survival games plugin (7 worlds, 24 spawns each) including a lobby.

    Add me on Skype if you're interested (Check out "StormsVision" on YouTube and watch the trailer. It features the survival games lobby and a couple of worlds, though we have removed it from the server since it was becoming unpopular. I have a save on it on my pc). My Skype is ijesse131 ;).
  9. Outlaw11A


    In my opinion, if this man wants to spend his money this way, so be it.
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  10. added
  11. Affixes


    Added you on Skype, with no response...
  12. Whats your ID
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  13. Affixes


    Scroll up.
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  14. joehot200


    Money is not the awnser to everything. If i was you, i would go and directly find a small/medium sized minigames server, get in contact with the owner, and ask if he can add your bungee to his bungee proxies, then add his server to your bungee.
    He would get more players, your players would get an enjoyable gamemode/gameplay.

    Money cannot buy you anything. I would much rather work with friends than people who just helped me because i am giving them money at the end.

    Obviously i cant help, so good luck finding a server to add to your network. Just remember that friendship, and not money, is the way to do go. :)
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  15. money makes the world go round :)
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  16. Not necessarily. Because then, again, money takes over. The other minigame server is getting more players, PVPSmash is getting less over time because more of HIS players are donating to the minigame server owner, giving him cash to blow on himself while PVPSmash is struggling to pay bills. Not that that would happen to a server network as big as PVPSmash but, hey, it's possible, eh?
  17. Agreed. I never work with other people when it comes to "sharing" money/profits. things gonna get messy.
  18. I don't think he is looking for friends with this thread
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  19. PhanaticD


    tell people to come to my server if they want some minigames
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