Spigot ByeHunger 1.8

Disable hunger easily in-game or configuration wise!

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    ByeHunger - Disable hunger easily in-game or configuration wise!

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  2. the permission not work... i have give to my VIP "mangaddp VIP byehunger.use / essentials" and when they type /bhunger toggle or /bhunger or /bhunger true or /bhunger enable, they have a message "You do not have permissions."
  3. Because the byehunger.use permission is only to let players not lose hunger. In this case, you would need to use byehunger.admin, but I wouldn't suggest it, because, that runs for everyone. Meaning if I was a donator and I toggled it to false. Then everyone will lose hunger, not just the donator.
  4. arf... i need differant config for all my player... because some player donator want stay hunger normaly and other want never hunger...
  5. I'm not sure why your donators would want to be hungry...
  6. Because some of my donators wants to keep mode classical survival (because my server is a freebuild-survival) (they said it's too cheat) and other dont want to be hungry... because they want build without this mode classical survival.
  7. Ah, I see, I will see what I can do.
  8. I've done what you asked :D
  9. 10:24:27 p. m. [INFO] ByeHunger Updater\par
    10:24:27 p. m. [INFO]\par
    10:24:27 p. m. [INFO] An update for ByeHunger has been found!\par
    10:24:27 p. m. [INFO] ByeHunger 1.9\par
    10:24:27 p. m. [INFO] You are running 1.8\par
    10:24:27 p. m. [INFO]\par
    10:24:27 p. m. [INFO] Download at http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/byehunger.4378/\par
    10:24:27 p. m. [INFO] ----------------------------}

    ByeHunger 1.9 ?¿
  10. Hi Perez, not an issue but I'm seeing the same in my logs too on version 1.8, I'm guessing this is wrong?:

    Code (Text):
    [12:51:14 INFO]: [ByeHunger] Enabling ByeHunger v1.8
    [12:51:14 INFO]: ByeHunger by [PerezHD] v1.8 Loading!
    [12:51:15 INFO]: ----------------------------
    [12:51:15 INFO]:      ByeHunger Updater
    [12:51:15 INFO]:
    [12:51:15 INFO]: An update for ByeHunger has been found!
    [12:51:15 INFO]: ByeHunger 1.9
    [12:51:15 INFO]: You are running 1.8
    [12:51:15 INFO]:
    [12:51:15 INFO]: Download at http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/byehunger.4378/
    [12:51:15 INFO]: ----------------------------