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Discussion in 'BungeeCord Discussion' started by SpanishYeah, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. Hello Anyone Teach Me How to bypass

    You Have to join Trought The proxy.

    (Onlyproxyjoin is a plugin to make players joining from the bungeecord proxy and no for the spigot/bukkit server)

    I am spanish

  2. This isnt something people will help you achieve... Not many people on here will promote bypassing something to stop hackers.
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  3. Sorry, but I doubt anyone is going to help you find an exploit in a Network from someone who in all honesty, is probably just wanting to grief.
  4. Yeah the proxy is there to prevent you from direct connecting to the server. Chances are the server you are trying to connect to is in offline mode, bypassing onlyproxyjoin would let you connect to the server without going through mojang auth, thus you could connect as a staff member or any other player.

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  5. Server Owners should contribute a way to bypass OnlyProxyJoin, and make it widely known, because if there's an exploit, it of course needs to be patched.

    If someone happened to find a way to bypass it, wouldn't it be logical if someone told everyone how it was done, that way that one person who knows about it won't be able to keep destroying servers secretly? From the result of patching the exploit?
  6. If you properly set up your firewall there's not even a need for this plugin. I think it only exists for a few hosts that don't allow users to change the firewall settings. I'm going to just about bet that anyone capable of finding a hole in onlyProxJoin that is also a server admin is capable of setting up a firewall and does not even use this plugin.
  7. Agreed, just use ip tables, but it's nice to know the loopholes anyways

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