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  1. Is there a plugin that can bypass my Player limit maximum? Because im using a host that is so strict on Player maximum i want to bypass it :(
  2. I wrote this for another user a little bit back.


    Just load the plugin, and you can change the permission required to bypass your hosts pre-set slots (like, when someone joins and the max slots set by your host is full, if the player has the permission definied in the config, they will bypass that, but if they don't; they won't)

    and you can set the REAL max amount of players, so if your host set the max amount to 50, you can set the REAL max amount int he config to 100 and if 100 people join the server all with the permission required to bypass slots, they will all join just fine.
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  3. There are some hosts that shutdown the server if more than 2 extra players have joined
    so if its let say 22/20 the server will shutdown
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  4. but joinfullserver of essentials allows to join pple when the server is full soo is that actually allowed?
  5. Here my solution: (Very, very simple) Install bungeecord: that bypasses, that the server shuts down when the playlimit is exceeded. (in the bungeecord config you have to redefine the max players) Then download and install essentials and permissionsex/groupmanager. After that give all players the essentials.joinfullserver permissions. You're done.
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  6. Is that going to help some1?
  7. If I download bungeecord then I need a new server for that ._., I just want to extend the player maximum lol
  8. Gg sir I'll try that keep it work :D
  9. some hosts are having an unlimited slots option on their panel
  10. im using cuz im beginner lol
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  11. Just buy a server. It doesn't matter if your a beginner or not, you will be glad you did later. For about $2 you can have an always open 512MB server. For $4 you can run a full gig (1024MB) server. Usually on most hosts for only a buck or two more you get extra slots. If you can't afford $5 dollars a month for a hosted server... I used to use those crappy free hosts, but then I realized to quit screwing around and just pay the little fee. And to tell the truth, my players stepped up and pay the server bills now too, so I basically have a great server for free. All I do is the work (which is the best part!)
  12. at shockbyte you get for $2.50 an 1GB server
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  13. With the option to set the slot count as you please*
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  14. I use Bisect Hosting. They may cost a little more, but there features are great and support is insane. I am not going to argue which host is better (there's a section in these forums for that if you want to know), I just strongly recommend getting one.
  15. currently is the unlimited slots automaticly enabled!
  16. Don't you think there are reasons why these limitations are placed on hosted servers? It's not like they don't want players to be on your server, it's just that for example, if you have 4gb of ram for your server, you can usually support about 6 - 8 players per gb of ram assuming that you have a reasonable amount of plugins.

    So even if you bypass the player maximum, you still have the same amount of ram so all you are doing is making the experience on your server that much more laggy for your existing players.

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  17. You can support more than 6-8 p/gb, also, it's RAM, and finally, nice advertising!
  18. The number of players that you can support per gb of ... wait for it ... RAM!!!! Depends entirely on how many plugins you are running.

    If you are running 75 plugins, 6 players per gb might be generous ^_^
  19. I have like 60 plugins on my prison server which has 3Gb of rams and it supports more that 30 players After 40 the lag and the TPS drop actually make the server laggy but still not that much laggy that you cant play
  20. That's pretty surprising, especially with 60 plugins.