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Should a feature like this be implemented?

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  1. Hello all,

    I am unsure if this has been suggested before and if so what the verdict was, so please fill me in if it has been.

    My suggestion is a system that allows bypassing of the requirements to upload Premium plugins. I would love to start uploading work to spigot and earning from it - but I simply don't have the time (Nor really the motivation, if I'm honest) to upload free plugins to which I have to offer support and version updates and so on. I would much rather spend a good amount of time on a quality plugin that solves a problem I can see and get rewarded tangibly for that work.

    Right now it seems like the best way to get around this is to just upload simple plugins that have already probably already been created 50 times. I would much rather not upload clutter; or have my uploads spoiled by clutter.

    I also find the need for reactions somewhat cumbersome too, it feels as if I have to go around and post to farm reactions when I would much rather just get on with what I would like to do.

    I understand being able to upload premium plugins is, I suppose, a privilege - but I don't see why this cannot be extended by default to one of the supporter roles like Redstone for example. I would be more than happy to pay to be able bypass these requirements and right now it is the main thing that is preventing me from working on premium resources over taking private commissions.

    I look forward to hearing your opinions, cheers Spigot
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  2. Disagree.

    Allowing people to simply bypass the requirements encourages people to view this place as a marketplace or a business. The aim of the premium resources section is to provide high quality and maintained resources, the requirement of being active in the community and having demonstrated a history of being able to write and maintain plugins is a good way at keeping this in my opinion.

    The premium resources section is not a marketplace. Show that you can give to the community before profiting off it.
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  3. I think you misunderstand the concept of Spigotmc which is a community, not a primary marketplace for developers trying to make a few bucks on other Minecraft server owners. If you want to do a pure "I want to earn money" approach, then there are plenty of marketplace sites for that kind of business.

    Your free ressources has the purpose of ensuring you give something to the community before making money from the same community.
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  4. That may be so, but I don't see how requiring 3 free resources and 80 posts deems a developer able to create quality resources and maintain them. If that is the point of those requirements, I don't think they are that effective. It seems like a pretty arbitrary way of measuring ability. You can demonstrate ability in many other (and more accurate) ways than posting 3 free plugins and writing some threads in my opinion.

    I think you may be right here, perhaps I have misunderstood what Spigot's primary goal is - but I don't think that makes it any less of a marketplace given premium resources are a thing, even if they aren't the primary focus. I think the majority of developer's goal is to turn it into their profession, but I do understand if Spigot is not intended for that - at least not primarily.

    Even so, donating to Spigot in of itself supports the community and those working on it - why should support only be recognised in posts and free resources and not financially?

    Thanks for the replies guys :)
  5. You are basically saying, that if you spend money you want to cut in front of the line. That's not how a community works. You give to the community as a hole by supplying free ressources and participation in a certain amount of threads so it's easier to evaluate if you bring something to the community before you get access to make money on the same community... I think it's a fair deal.
  6. That's not really what I was saying at all. "why should support only be recognised in posts and free resources and not financially". Not to skip a queue, but to contribute in other ways. I feel like a contribution like that is more beneficial than some plugins and posts. If I am wrong I would be happy to hear why.

    If that is not desired or is not an option that is fine of course - but that's the core of this suggestion. Again if that is not desired that's fine, but I saw no harm in suggesting it :) .

    If anyone else has something to say I'd be happy to hear it also.
  7. Financial support is recognised because donators get a shiny tag on their forum account. However, being able to spend a few dollars does not prove one's ability to develop and maintain quality software, which is why it doesn't make sense to make it an alternate requirement. And before you say it's not an alternative requirement, but a shortcut given out of appreciation, it doesn't quite matter how you interpret it because it won't change the fact that it would be a simple queue skip.
  8. And 3 free plugins and 80 posts does? That is a very arbitrary way of measuring ability, anyone can make 3 plugins and post 80 times regardless of skill.

    If premium plugins are vetted, which as I understand they are, why is that not valid enough to ensure quality?
  9. That's a bit cheap. You do realise developing a premium plugin is an even greater effort and therefore takes up even more time? How do you plan to keep the buyers happy if you don't even have the time or motivation to make a simple free resource?
    Guarding the premium section from uncommitted people is the very purpose of those requirements.
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  10. See my previous post;
  11. That is a misunderstanding of what I was trying to say. I would (and do) maintain multiple projects that I am paid for because that's what you do when you are paid. Of course I am aware it is greater effort, I am not new to paid work. I have the time to maintain a project that I am paid for because time is made for it - when there is no tangible incentive, I have to prioritise. I would love to make everything free, but I don't have that luxury.

    Maintaining these paid projects and giving people a reasonably priced, quality solution I think is a fair contribution too given what must be sacrificed from the developer, there is only so much time to go around.

    May I also ask how requiring three plugins ensures quality? I see that being mentioned a lot - but again, anyone can write three plugins. I see no correlation between that and quality. And how does requiring 80 posts even relate to the quality of what they can produce?

    Apologies if the next reply is slow, I need to sleep, but thank you for the good points.
  12. Disagree for all reasons mentioned already. If you wanna sell your plugins for money they are already many websites that let you do so without any requirement whatsoever.
  13. Your misgivings are understandable, and you would be correct to complain about the fact that three "straight-out-of-tutorial" /heal, /feed and /repair plugins would give someone access to the premium section. To that end, I don't know if the quality of the free plugins a person published is factored in when the staff team evaluates a premium submission. I suppose that if yes, the requirement makes more sense.

    Even if that weren't the case though, the hurdle is still there because of the reasons I listed above, even though I admit one could bypass the requirements by posting three garbage plugins.
    Getting rid of the requirements because they can be bypassed like that is not a solution though, because in my opinion it would be like removing mask wearing mandates on account of people wearing their mask ineffectively below the nose.
    It still appears that you don't fully appreciate the fact that this website is not a marketplace. I assure you that services such as McMarket were created with precisely your idea in mind, and are, thus, more centered on generating developer revenue. Spigotmc is not such a website, though. The premium section is basically intended so that developers can afford to buy coffee after a hard day of work on a plugin. It is quite clear that if you seek to offer your services in exchange of fair compensation, this is not for you. In that case you should stick to paid commissions or go to a website like McMarket because SpigotMC is not centered on developer income but on the community. Therefore the purpose of the premium section is not to give you a way to make a living, but instead a place where server owners can find higher quality plugins in exchange for a very small fee. (Disclaimer: that's how I view premium plugins on Spigot)
  14. You still fail totally to understand that the scope of Spigotmc is not to be your personal market place where you earn money for your daily living but a community evolved around people helping each other with running Minecraft servers and how to code plugins etc.

    You paying a fat donation to be able to cut in front of the line and make a living of your projects doesn't constitute as giving and helping the community.

    There a other places for that approach...
  15. You want to make money. I understand that. However, Spigot simply is not that place for you. I can name many alternatives, one of which even has "market" in the name, but we are a community first and foremost, not a market where you pay a fee to list your products. The ability to earn money here is a privilege, not a right.

    The requirement to have a community presence has existed for 5 years by now. The premium resources section has seen plenty of submissions, and many people who want to make premium resources have done so. Sure, the requirements may seem vaguely put, but would you rather have coding interviews determine your access to the premium resources section? Realistically, the requirements are not even difficult to achieve. Dropping the bar will only lead to more of a flood of premium resources, which the resource staff already struggle keeping up with.

    Keep in mind the premium resources section was first introduced to Spigot to reward active developers. Throwing money at the project does not make you an active developer. This marketplace mentality is what we all want to avoid, and was never the intention of the section. Having a financial route to access only encourages this.
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  16. Those are all very fair points. If it is just that Spigot is more centred around community then that is totally understandable. If work here is viewed indifferently to any potential income then I can only respect that. Perhaps the requirements could be amended to better gauge developer ability, if that is the three plugin requirement is for that is, given the points we can agree on if that is true.

    I can also see that this is not a popular suggestion, so I think it is better that it ends here, all relevant points have been made. Thank you all for your input, I appreciate it. Have a good day all!
  17. This is also why there's a "fair payment" for plugin cap. You simply are not allowed to take whatever price you feel is right for your premium plugins. Again there are other places for that.

    And don't get me wrong, I paid for a lot of plugins here during my years reading and exploring new game mechanics, tools, world generators etc. So you wanting to make premium plugins is not the problem. You not understanding how the concept of Spigotmc community, is bothering me.
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  18. Don't think of SpigotMC as a marketplace. We do not agree with that opinion.
  19. If you don't have time and motivation to make 3 simple resources and interact with the community with postings, how do you think you will have time and motivation for a professional, high-quality resource, that is intended to be sold?
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  20. Thank you ZBLL, i was just going to say the exact same thing.
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