Solved Cactus plugin

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by codysmith1, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. Hello there I am making a factions server and I am looking for a plugin that automatically clears cactus that grows and falls two seconds after to reduce lag. I am looking for this so it forces people to use cactus hoppers and reduce the server lag. Anyone know of a plugin like this?
  2. Not quite sure if your focusing on solving your 'lag' issue in the right way...

    How else are people farming cactus thats causing lag ? If its like, 0 tick based, just ban the use of them and punish players. If its not that, then I don't think that would be the issue to the lag. I mean, a simple clearlagg would solve entity issues, but yeah, little confused by the overall plan of this 'cactus' plugin saving your lag.
  3. ok well it doesent solve it its helping it.. don't know why you are so negative
  4. I'm not being negative ?

    I'm simply stating that cactus drops are not likely the issues to your server lag. Run timing reports to get a good reading of possible issues.

    Generally speaking, theres not a plugin that removes only certain block drops, and plugins that do remove or affect drops, affect them all.
    Your more likely wanting to look into entity stack plugins that allow for the stacking of various entities (including drops) to solve this issue.
  5. do you know how we can do it in the clear lag plugin?