Solved Can anyone help me clean up my server files?

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Omnicorn, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. i was wondering if anyone can help me clean up my server files so they work right i keep running into problems when i try to fix something can anyone help it would be appreciated?
  2. Some more context and info would be nice. What files? Where (in what folder)? Just some screenshots.
  3. So i mean i need help cleaning up my plugins and all the perms everything is out wack right now players can't break blocks or place blocks i've tried fixing the /gamerule dayandnightcycle=true but the daytime is repeating itself over and over again i just need help re-coding the plugins mainly.

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  4. Benz56

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    Start over with the permissions and see where that gets you.

    Unless your plugins are custom there is no need for them to be re-coded because of misconfiguration. Simply delete the config, generate a new one, and start over.
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  5. Make sure your WorldGuard isn't preventing building and your vanilla spawn protection is disabled. As for being day, the command is "/gamerule doDaylightCycle false" (assuming you wanted to disable it? I don't know what you mean "daytime is repeating itself over and over"), not "/gamerule dayandnightcycle=true"..
    As for re-coding plugins, I'll just hope you know what you're doing and leave that alone :L
  6. well first of all the day and night cycle are out of wack right now when i change it to night it jumps back to day after i put in the command /time set 18000 and i didn't really mean re-coding i meant just fixing something's up in the plugins folder to my liking.
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    That is your job as the server owner/administrator.

    Of course it is okay to ask for help with specific issues which is why we have the forums. Simply saying; “Hey man, my server isn’t working. Can you guys fix it and configure it” is not really how it works.

    You only said you were running into problems you never specified which. How are we supposed to help you then?
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  8. hey sorry man i do need help configuring my plugin's folder sorry for making it difficult you guys to help me now i feel like a shitty person T_T
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    Configuring your plugins folder? That is where you set up your server to your liking. There is like 20-50 plugin folders in there. You are certainly not having issues with every single plugin.

    Put in some effort and when you stumble upon a specific issue then try to solve it yourself and if you’re unable to fix the issue contact the developer of that plugin. As a final option you can ask on the forums.
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  10. i've tried doing everything i can that's why i came here to see if anyone can help me.
  11. Benz56

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    Then explain what you’ve tried, where you’re stuck, what are your exact issues, what errors you’re getting if any etc. etc.

    Issue -> locate source of issue -> troubleshoot -> solution -> fix.
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  12. nevermind i fixed it already fixed
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