Can anyone help me with this?

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  1. Hello, I'm having some issues with this blackjack plugin, Google: "Blackjack plugin" first link for the bukkit page, it's not in 1.8 but the author said he was getting no issues, /bj setup works great, the cards load up like they should, then I do /bj create and it says internal server error and this happens in console, and help would be great!
  2. Do you have the plugins Vault and ImageOnMap installed with it? Else it wont work...
  3. Yes, I looked at the code and the plugin wouldn't be able to make the cards without them also it would message me that I need them
  4. Requesting Thread move as this is not to do the programming
    1. It doesnt work because it is for mc 1.7 too bad for you... And it isnt opensource so i cant edit it...
  5. It's never a good idea to update someone else's plugin die to the licences. In this case "All Rights Reserved" which means they are protected under the copyright law.

    There's no need really to speak like that. He was only trying to help.
  6. As i said, he don't know anything about java, he didn't known that you need to return true at the end of if command equals.
    He is a post-hunter.
  7. @robertforyou now you put it like that I see where you are coming from
  8. @Vidsify srry my tablet didn't showed the message...

    @robertforyou i would give it to a friend who would make it 1.8 proof...
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