Can be good that i will make the page of my server with wordpress?

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  1. Hi,i have a network in process and I am doing the website of this, for this I am learning to use html and using it since people advise me with css that I will use later after learning and xenforo but I have seen that wordpress is very good and I was wondering if they advise me to make the page of my server with wordpress.
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    WordPress is an exploit. Has too many flaws in it's code. I would recommend using Joomla over wordpress, witch you could make custom themes as well and use HTML in pages ;)
  3. Ok, thank you very much for advising me
  4. Wordpress is a great option if you need an easy CMS/Blog. Just keep it updated and following the best security practices. Sure exploits are found, but that's due to it's huge success making it an easy target. If you keep it updated and watch what plugins you install you should be perfectly fine.
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  5. Okay, thanks for the advice