Can Bukkit plugins affect Memory Leak on Bungee

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Discussion' started by Pete127, May 14, 2015.

  1. Hi,
    I currently have memory leak and high processor usage on my bungee server , I removed almost all plugins with only 1 remaining , and replaced that ones jars to ensure I had a clean version.
    I use bungee 1059 , I used to have chat cross server and removed this and anything I can think of that can cause me issues, I have removed from spigot side any plugins I feel could have any effect but not sure if they even could ?
    I see lots of larger servers using 1059 as well as some using modded version from md5 and I don't see any lag on them.
    Basically with lower number of players 150-200 it will run mostly fine , as soon as I start hitting 300 my memory fills up quicker , the eventual result is all the spigot servers start to lag badly and a bungee restart fixes it , partly because my player count drops after this I guess.
    Im hoping my hosts will add profiling to see more detail which I have asked but until then does anyone know if spigot plugins can have any or little affect on the bungee ?
  2. Bukkit servers and BungeeCord servers are different processes, therefore a memory leak shouldn't directly affect Bungee, however if the Bukkit plugin is using an unlimited amount of ram (which should never be done) then it could cause the Bungee instance to access less RAM. I don't know if using multiple Bungee instances would help by allowing you to split the 300 players evenly (you will need to configure round robin dns).