Can I Get Sued For this?

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  1. So I recreated MinePlex Lobby Menu Plugin and Would like to upload this into premium plugins with the name
    Name: MinePlex ItemLore Plugin!
    I recreated It 100% By Me, My own code. Not plagiarize. The Default Config Looks like this.
    Question: Can I Get Sued for This?
  2. You can copyright code, but you can not copyright ideas.

    No, Mineplex can't do anything about it.
  3. So, I won't get Sued? You messing with me shouldn't it be the other way around?
  4. Yes, they can go after you for trademark infringement if you are trying to sell something using their name. You cannot use their name to try and sell your product.

    You can add "like mineplex's" or similar, in the description, but you can't name it after them and try to pass it off as if it were theirs.
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  5. So Like this
    Title: MinePlex's Lobby Menu Plugin Similar
    this okay?
  6. No, you can't name it after them at all. You need an original name. It is ok to put in the description (as a way of describing it) "its like mineplex's" or similar.

    It would be like if I created a block-building game and called it "Minecraft Block Building Game Similar." I would get sued so fast.

    As you say, it is 100% your code, so it is NOT "Mineplex's" anything.
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  7. Give me an Example !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Cool lobby menu plugin
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  9. Remove the "Mineplex" in "MinePlex Lobby Menu Plugin", can call it "A Lobby Menu Plugin"

    In your plugin description, say it functions similarly to Mineplex's, or say that your plugin was inspired by theirs.
  10. Title:
    xxxx Lobby Selector

    A lobby selector that is similar to MinePlex's
  11. SuperLobbySelectorX
  12. "Name my X" threads aren't allowed. Come up with your own original name, but whatever it is, you can't claim your plugin is "Mineplex's" anything. You can't use their trademark to name your product, period.
  13. My bad.
    I don't believe he is asking for name suggestions, he is just asking for an example on what resource title would be allowed and what wouldn't.
  14. I know, I didn't report it or anything, but I feel like thats what this was going to turn in to (people are already suggesting stuff...) when he asked for an example. I tried to clarify that they can name it anything they want, as long as it's not "Mineplex's," because it's not Mineplex's lol
  15. There's nothing illegal, but why pick such a stupid name? Think of something creative.
  16. Alright So:
    bla bla bla bla bla
    Inspired by MinePlex

    Alright so this would be okay correct?
  17. Yes, that would be fine. You don't even need to make it small text like that, but you have to make it clear that it is NOT Mineplex's, but rather "inspired by..." or "like..." or "based on..."
  18. I think you mean "plagiarism"