Can i just use one world?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by MisterJohnson7, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Hi, i wanted to implement bedwars onto my survival server, but i dislike the idea of creating a new world for it i only want the vanilla worlds. Now i can make it in the same overworld and just protect it using worldguard yet my question is is it better for performance to run it on its own world? or can i just put everything into one. All are running of course on the same server.
  2. I would prefer a new world.
    I also think that for the Bedwars plugin you are using, it would be better if there were a world of its own
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  3. Like what @KaylooT said, it's better to use another world, any Bedwars plugin that would request for the world Bedwars is running on can anytime mess up something inside your world. So It's better to get a new world to prevent any miscomplications.
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  4. If you really want to overworld should be fine but a new world would be better.
  5. hello i have an a premuim bedwars plugin
    and i dont use bungeecord i use multiverse world
    i just wanted to ask how do i make the bedwars stats be on just on the bedwars world not on the lobby or survival etc...
  6. Although i think running it on the main world of the server is possible, it may be harder. I recommend making a new world only for bedwars.
  7. i already have a new world called bedwarslobby but i want the plugin work only at the bedwarslobby not at hub