Can i sell Custom configs in Spigot

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  1. Is their a Section were i can sell Custom Configs already made, and in what section can i put it in if its allowed?
  2. I doubt its allowed, I haven't seen a section on Spigot for that.
  3. google mc market
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  4. Was gonna say that, didn't know if it was allowed
  5. I think it's allowed, its a ressource, why not ?
  6. Not really.
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  8. So, it's not allowed.
    Else if you have the rigth by his author.
  9. U can use MC-Market but you'll need a rank. Either premium or supreme
  10. I think you can because some configs take a lot of time but I'd say talk to the plugin owner first
  11. Strahan


    As stated above, you can sell your services to work with a server owner to create a config, but you can't just sell canned configs.
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  12. o_OI don't think the EULA allows that. I would check with Mojang.
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  13. So Use Mc-Market
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  14. If u agree with me @BranstonProject leave a postive rating on my account c;
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  15. I would not suggest doing that ever for many reasons + you can not on spigot. If your trying to make money that is not the way to go about it!
  16. Maybe I will ;)