Can I set bungeecord:true without losing data?

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  1. Hello,
    My network has been set up long time ago. Sadly, the bungeecord config has ipforward false and every minigame's spigot.yml has bungeecord:false. It works, bungee is online mode and spigots are offline mode. Well, I want to use a plugin but it needs these to be true. Can I do it without losing data, the UUID are different and name cases too. If there's converter please help... When I tried to do this, I got invited as new member and my rank was USER (default). And no data was on the account.
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    You are going to have to use an offline to online mode converter tool like this one for that to work and also convert all your plugin data to the online mode UUIDs. (There are probably tools for that too but I don't personally know of any)
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  3. Thank you for that info, it helped me