Solved Can I use Java 13 for Minecraft Plugins?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Alex0589, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. Is Java 13 not supported or am I doing something wrong?
  2. Should work fine, I'm compiling my private plugins also against Java13 and spigot seems to run fine with Java13 too.

    What's your issue?
  3. Yeah but the server needs to use java 13 as well in order to run the plugin
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  4. I think that every version is supported (above 7?), you just need to make sure that you compile (usually using jdk) with the same version that the server runs (jre).
  5. Looks like my Path java version isn't the same as the one I use in intellij thanks!
  6. Most servers run on Java 8 from what I know, so you’re eliminating potential users. Unless you really need a feature from 13 I’d stick to 8.
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  7. Server hosts*
    I think that if it were up to the server owners, they would upgrade. It's the hosts that stay on Java 8.
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  8. I don't care xD
  9. MiniDigger


    force your host to update?
    you pay them after all, dont you?
  10. I remember just opening a ticket back when I had a server and well they just did it, no question, it didn't even took like 2 days from my ticket