Can I use the same domain for my website AND server

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by Timppali, May 17, 2015.

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  1. Hello! So I have a problem here. I own the domain and would like to use that as my website domain. (Enjin website which I have already set up). I'd also like to use it as asubdomain to my Minecraft server, as How do I do this?

    I use GoDaddy as my domain provider. Could someone explain it with pictures or then with a good text explanation. Thank you.
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    Making your website and your server IP is NOT using the same domain name for both. You're using different ones.

    With GoDaddy you'll need to use their tools to forward to your hosting package. There's tons of guides for that.

    You'll also need to set the A-record IP address to your own server's IP. You'll have to remove the GoDaddy preset IP for the subdomain.

    If you want to make show your website in a web browser but be your server IP, you'll need to host your website and server on the same box, and run your website on port 80 and your MC on port 25565. Or forward port 80 to another IP. That's a bit tougher to do.
  3. Since you're using enjin, just google 'Enjin dns settings' and it'll bring you to your admin settings for your domain. In there you can just add the sub-domain for your server.
  4. @joshwenke
    This is what my DNS file looks like:

    I have a SRV set up, does this look correct?

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  5. Pm me, I will set this up for you. Also if your using enjin DNS or name cheap you can set it so does to the server and website.

    I said enjin DNS or name cheap as those are the two I know can do it.
  6. Damn that's nice.

    Anyone know how for GoDaddy? I don't want both web/game servers running on same box :/ Just one of those things that would be nice to learn whether I use it or not currently (for future reference sake).
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    How I have it running through Enjin:

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  8. nope you cant use use a domain for minecraft and internet! its completely illegal! if you try to do it you will be arrested and executed by kim jong un!
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  9. Can you shut up, thank you.

    Why do you even use a SRV record if you already have a 25565 port...?
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  10. He's trying to point to his server as opposed to his website.

    Nevermind. Yeah why do you have that? Use an A record in this case.
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    I only recently got my port 25565 =P
  12. Problem solved, thank you @Latouth for helping me. :D
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