Can someone help me :/

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  1. Hey guys, i have a little question, is there anywhere a plugin which one increase the Enchant Level Cap from Vanilla to 10? Nothing more this simple thing, that everyone on the Server can upgrade the Enchants in Anvil up to 10, without extra Permission etc. no config just this simple thing :)

    I would apperciate it, if someone can help me :3

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  2. In the anvil? This is obtainable through NMS. I don’t know how to do btw.
    I don’t event know if it is possible in the anvil. Can’t you find another way? Like using custom GUIs, where you can upgrade you enchants? Then you use spigot methods to upgrade it
  3. I mean its possible in the Anvil with other plugins but they are was to conplicated with the Permissions to Set etc. I mean its a Server just for me and my friends :D
  4. Wrong place to ask, this forum is for developers to ask developers questions, not for plugin requests.

    However, if you have trouble with permissions, I recommend LuckPerms. It's very easy to handle permissions with it, you only need to use /lp editor.

    Or well, you could just op everyone. It's a server of friends after all.
  5. Sorry for asking here, but i cant Post in the request Forums, i need 20 Post in other Forums :(
    But i will try the LuckPerms plugin :)
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