Can someone make a SimpleList Plugin like this

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  1. Plugin category: List

    Suggested name: SimpleList

    What I want:
    I want it to show the player count under players, also a permission to give to someone so they can be placed under donors, or even staff. Like simplelist.staff and simplelist.donor.

    Info on why I don' use the one I have:
    The one I currently have has no perms to give to someone so they can be under the specific list.
    I would like it to look exactly like the picture, with the configurable '========' signs or if I decide to switch it to '-----------'. I know there are other plugins out there like LegendaryStaffList and also other ones, but they aren't as simple as this one.

    Exact example I would like:
  2. Wrong forum section and Essentials already does this.
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  3. It doesnt do it with the lines on top to make it professional
  4. what section does this go to
  5. The hiring developer section, but I don't spigot allows free requests. You'll probably have better luck on bukkit.
  6. NotoriousNemo


    sure it does
  7. Creeoer


    Can you verify that? If it isn't against developers to take free plugin offers in their plugin shops than why would it be against the rules for players to request plugins for free?
  8. Sure it does, just modify the format for listAmount in file and use the newline character '\n' to add line breaks.
  9. I was doing a plugin for free because the guy didn't have any money and it was pretty easy to do, 5 minutes later the thread was locked saying spigot does not allow free requests or something like that.

    I've done around 3 free plugins on spigot because I literally see people charging for the simplest things, and it's a good way to get a vouch. Most people do free requests because they become vouched and everyone trusts them, then they will stop doing free plugins and charge a price after they get enough vouches.
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