Can Spigot be configured to connect players by default through HTTPS?

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by bb34678, Jul 21, 2018.

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    My current server that operates my Minecraft server runs Ubuntu Server 18.04 64-bit with a static IP address configured and I am currently remotely connected to it through SSH.

    I have generated a self-signed SSL key, certificate signing request and certificate with OpenSSL and I wish to use these files to default all connections to my server through port 443 (HTTPS). The SSL key is an RSA 4096 bit key, the certificate signing request is SHA-256 and the certificate itself is SHA-256 and is valid for 365 days. Through the default UWF Ubuntu firewall, I have set a rule to allow all connections through port 25565 and connections through port 80 and 443. For security, I have set the chmod permissions to only allow the superuser account to view or access the files.

    Can I configure Spigot to, by default, automatically connect incoming joining players through HTTPS based on this SSL certificate or does Minecraft not natively support HTTPS connections to servers?

    Thanks in advance and I appreciate your attention to my thread and your assistance.
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    Yeah you're pretty confused.

    Minecraft doesn't use HTTP or HTTPS, it uses its own protocol and encryption.
    Using HTTPS rather than HTTP doesn't make your server more secure anyway, it just changes the experience for other users.
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  3. Oh, really? I wasn't aware that Minecraft uses it's own method of connection and encryption. Please excuse me for my incompetence but thanks for the reply.
  4. HTTP(S) is for web only
  5. Yea, I understand that, I presumed that Minecraft may have been using HTTP/HTTPS for the connection protocol is because it goes through a DNS resolver to resolve domain names for server IP addresses.
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