Solved Can spigot server files be directly transfered to a reinstalled OS and run?

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by kouwei32, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. I just made a Raspberry Pi Minecraft Server using spigot a few days before. I wasn't connecting the power properly so I broke Raspbian (gets kernel panic). I'm currently trying to recover the files, and if I can do that successfully, can I just directly transfer all the server files from the corrupt SD card to the new one and run or do I need to rebuild Spigot (which takes a long time) and just transfer the worlds & server configs, reinstall the plugins, and then run?
  2. Strahan


    You can copy it over. Aside from IP assignments and any third party dependencies (MySQL for example), Spigot doesn't care about the box it is running on.
  3. Thanks, but may I ask what do you mean b IP assignments? The LAN IP or the actual IP? Because my router uses DHCP so...
  4. Strahan


    I mean like if you hardcoded the IP in If you had, say, and you put it in a new PC it may be or something and that would cause it to fail to load. Not that you should be putting anything in that field normally anyway ;)