Can spigot staff remove me from buyers of HexaKitPvP plugin ?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by alexmilea, May 19, 2016.

  1. Please remove me from this resource thanks.
  2. Ps: spigot staff can delete the review that i write for this resource?
  3. Just make a report or send an email. This thread is useless.
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  4. Also, fucking link the plugin next time. Numb nuts.
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  5. i don't kown how do send e-mail
  6. Keep calm this is my first post on forum of this site and im not english so be patien
  7. Just click the 'report' button that can be found literally everywhere.
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  8. well, not anymore :(
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  9. Then report the thread and explain why you want to be removed and give a direct link to the review.
  10. Is this Resource not good or why you would to be removed from this resource ?

    Sorry for my bad english. Im German
  11. I have a network 1.8 but the plugin that bought was for 1.9 so i can't use this plugin.
  12. You don't know how to email?
  13. Then why not just keep it if you need it in the future?
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