Can this handle 100 players.

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Well it run?

  1. It will run just fine.

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  2. No it won't, the server dumb just like your face...

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  1. Hello,

    I want to run one Creative server. Here are the details of the creative server:

    Plugins: 20-30 (most are light weight)
    Players: 30 average, 100 peak.
    High ranks get limited world edit (builder, arch ranks): so 10-15 players doing small world edits.

    Everything else I plan to run.

    • One small website,
    • Control panel (Serverpilot)
    • Teamspeak
    • Email client

    Server specs:

    • Intel Core i7-2600K
    • 3.4Ghz / 3.8Ghz
    • 16GB DDR3
    • 1TB SATA
    • 2 gbit ddos
    I think it would all run well, just always good to double check :p Also please don't just say no and give me a better option for under $40.
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    Yes, it's still overkill probably. 30 players average with good optimization a 7.2K HDD will work fine. A small web server, email, and ts3 would need less than 512MB RAM probably. Realistically I doubt you'll use over 6-8GB RAM.
  3. Yeah, but realistically XD It should just do fine right?
  4. Tux


    You might want an SSD instead, but yes. In fact, you might even want to consider purchasing a VPS instead.
  5. I have looked into VPS, but I can't find a good VPS host for game servers. OVH VPS's I heard are really bad for game servers and Vultr & Digital Ocean is way to expensive, dedicated is way cheaper. So my point is, do you know any good vps hosting?
  6. Definitely look into Async WorldEdit if you're going to give it out to players.
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  7. Yep that was my plan, but also fastasyncworldedit since i use plot squared.
  8. Tux


    The new OVH VPSes are actually much improved with new hardware and virtualization that doesn't suck.

    RamNode's standard VPSes may be worth a try.
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  9. Ah, a mouth or two ago. I heard someone got a vps from ovh (8gb), with a couple plugins and 10 players he had 10 tps or less, so now I just stay away from ovh vps's. Also 4gb from RamNode cost the same amount as the dedicated server I am asking about, so it still better to go with the dedicated server, better specs for the same price... Also have used with this hosting company for the dedicated server before and they are great :)
  10. Also would this handle 200 players? Well I will upgrade, but would it?
  11. Perhaps, but you might stretch it because you're sending chunks and stuff to 200 players.

    You might be fine.

    I use VPS SSD 3 from OVH and I get about 20 TPS :) (albeit I've never had more than about 15 players online :()
  12. You would need to optimise the server well to reach 200 players.
    Also if you have 200 players, you'll need some kind of external protection, as 2Gbps won't protect against the majority of attacks these days.
  13. This is very true. Do you even have an Internet connection capable of sustaining 200 players?
  14. 1gbit port and 10tb limit, :p
  15. Those vps are only half of the price of the dedicated server and only has 5gb of ram, while I could get 16gb of ram and double the cpu.
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