Can Varnish be used as a web proxy for users to connect to and browse anonymously?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by superblaze27, Jul 11, 2021.

  1. Only asking here because I don't think anyone really uses many other parts of the forum.

    I literally had to make a new stackoverflow account to ask this question, and still got no answers.

    So recently I've learned a little bit more about proxies, but I still have as few questions that I genuinely cannot find answers for.

    The first question is: What software is used when people refer to a proxy that they use for web browsing or on their network? (The type of proxy you can enable in a web browser with a host and port)
    The one apple would be using for their private relay, or companies for their networks

    Is it just connecting to some Linux server with a Linux proxy? I can find Proxy and VPN providers, and I can find VPN software like Wireguard that Cloudflare Warp uses, but what Proxy software is used by proxy providers?
    Once again, specifically asking this because of Apples private relay

    Let's say I wanted to set up a proxy on a VPS for web browsing on a separate desktop or mobile device, do I just setup the built in Linux proxy on the server and connect to it? Or is there other dedicated software for this? Also, could I potentially use Varnish as the proxy to serve content from the server so I can cache specific things to serve them faster from the proxy?

    I'm fascinated in this because with the new iOS 15 beta, Apple added their own proxy named "Private Relay", and I just wanted to try one fully hands on instead of using a VPN or something a company provides.

    P.S. Not worried about encryption, just testing it out!


    Also, yes I understand what a proxy is and what it does. When I say anonymously, I am aware that the internet that the proxy is on will be the ip address that any and all requests are sent through. I'm not trying to do this to be anonymous, I'm mere just looking into the behind the scenes stuff like what software is used and how it all works.