Can x-ray texture packs be detected?

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  1. My friend wants to know if an x-ray texturepack can be detected. He runs some server, and had issues before with players somehow getting loads of minerals really quickly.

    Thanks :)
  2. I don't think they can due to the way minecraft works. but I the anti-xraying spigot does could prevent it if the option is enabled.
  3. Thank you :)
  4. joehot200


    Just block xRays.
    Its possible to force the default MC texture, but I would not recommend it because you have to kick the player if he says no to "forcing" it.
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  5. Do that, he's correct once again! :p
  6. You can still spoof the client to say it is using the texturepack without actually using it.

    For a literal answer; no, using a different textrepack does not change any blocks rendered, it simply makes some blocks transparent - doesn't actually reveal more blocks computerwise - it's literally the same, just a different graphial output.

    Also, orebfuscator does not work here - x-ray texturepacks only show blocks in air pockets, as the game does not render blocks surrounded by other blocks.
    Orebfuscator (or inbuilt anti xray) cannot hide blocks in air pockets, as they are the ones supposed to be visible.
    Checking if the player literally is supposed to see a block serverwise is impossible (unless you somehow make a CPU that is 50x better than current standards), so this will most likely never be blockable.

    EDIT: You can "block" it by using a custom world generator which does not create any caves/air pockets/fluid pockets.
  7. Little sidenote: In 1.8 snapshots are X-ray resource packs (same as texture packs) disabled, so they can't use it anymore. The only way to X-ray is to use a mod/hacked client which spigot can block by using anti X-ray.
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