Can you code plugins with javascript?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by MrRAGEiiN, May 7, 2015.

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  1. Hey guys, im pretty new to coding, and I know a little bit of JS and was wondering if there is a way to code MC plugins with it
  2. Not that I'm aware (unless there's an external plugin somewhere I'm missing). If you want to learn to make Bukkit/Spigot plugins, you'll need to learn Java; however, the closest thing I can think of that may be appealing is Skript.

    EDIT: After a quick Google search, this is something I found. I'm sure there's someone more knowledgeable on external scripting languages than I.
  3. Tux


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  4. No. JavaScript is for Web. Without some serious modification tools (and even then it probably won't work), it will not work.
  5. Just run JS engine plugin as Tux suggested, then you can start coding using JS.
  6. Java has a built in method to run JavaScript code. JavaScript is definitely not just for web any more:
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  7. JavaScript and Java are not so different, you should just learn Java, it's will be simpler.
  8. JavaScript is much simpler to grasp, and they are radically different with radically different uses.
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  9. Of course that they have different uses and their are different, but they arn't radically different. I was talking about syntax and algorithmic. When you know JS you relatively easily understand Java, with training. Maybe I were just younger, but I didn't have more difficulty to learn JavaScript than Java.

    Anyway, I'm just saying that even if that sort of plugins exist, I think it'ss more logical to learn Java, you have a bigger potential. However this is only a coucil, based on my knowledge.
  10. I'm not aware of any developer using JavaScript as a method of creating plugins head-on unless he's using a certain API / Jar.

    See @Tux's post for more information.
  11. With that logic, almost all programming languages aren't so different >_>
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  12. Java is to Javascript, as Ham is to Hamster.
    Completely different things, so naturally, no. There is no way to make a MC plugin purely in javascript.
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  13. Yes, Java and JavaScript are completely different programming language, but technically, you can generate Java bytecode from JavaScript source.
  14. You can use Kotlin, which compiles down to a .jar.

    Not Pure JS, but close.
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  15. It'd honestly be really easy to make a Rhino pluign for Bukkit.
  16. I don't think you can use javascript to make a java plugin sorry :(
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