Solved Can you do something like this with WorldEdit ?

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  1. I have a pvp arena that i wanted to copy in a fresh new map with a fresh landscape, but the terrain of the pvp arena and the terrain around the pvp arena ( In its original map ) is all flat, so, is there a way i could select the blocks or the block ids i want to copy so i dont mess up the landscape of the new map while pasting it in ?
  2. [​IMG]

    In the picture: I dont need those 2 grass parts ( with dirt under them ) and that statue thingy.
  3. Yes, you have to type //sel poly then:

    Left-click to select first point. All subsequent points are selected by right-clicking. Every right-click will add an additional point.

    info found here
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  4. Oh okay, thanks! Ill try that right now
  5. oh but wait, when i do //sel poly, it says its in 2D mode, but i need it 3D, cause the arena is 'cubical' ( I dont know the right name for it )
  6. Hmm, try expanding it upwards,
    • //expand <amount> [direction]
    (ex. //expand 100 U)
  7. oh yeah, that should work.
  8. Yep, that worked! Thanks
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