Can you get the IPs of the connected servers?

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  1. Hey!
    I was just wondering, is it possible for a normal user (no access to server files nor opped) to get the iIPof the server their on, or all the servers connected to BungeeCord?

    BungeeCord IP: 123.456.78
    Server 1: 321.654.87
    Server 2: 132.465.78

    I connect to 123.456.78 and go to server 1. Is there a way for me to get the IP of server 1 (321.654.87, not 123.456.78). Use of external programs are allowed and such. I'm just wondering if there's any way to get the IP of server 1. Doesn't matter how difficult.

    This is for anyone questioning why I'm asking this
    The reason why I'm asking this is because I think someone got the IP of "server 1" from a server I'm really close to. I was wondering if that's possible or if they're just bluffing.
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    This should only ever be possible if you have a plugin installed on the server that is either sending the information to the client or connect to a web server (and in the case where the user can provide the url for that connection e.g. for image/schematic downloading he can provide one on a server he controls/has access to the web logs).

    I don't think either of these cases is common, but people tend to install random plugins without checking what they do. The first case can't really be protected against (besides validating plugin code), the second one could be dealt with with a proper firewall setup or a plugin like NetworkInterceptor.

    Ideally even knowing the backend server's IP shouldn't result in issues though, a proper firewall and ddos protection setup would mitigate any usefulness such information might have otherwise.
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  3. I understand the first way, but I don't fully understand the second way. Do you mean like downloading a texture pack from the server and having some kind of program on your computer that shows you where the download is coming from?
  4. Phoenix616

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    Well not directly, server resource packs are downloaded from the URL that you specify in the config, it should obviously not be the address of your Minecraft server if you want to hide that. But a plugin on the server itself could make a request to some other web server (which the attacker controls/has access to logs to) and leak the address that way. (E.g. the plugin ImageOnMap allows users to create images on maps from an image web url. If I would use my own web server I could see where the download request came from)
  5. Yeah it is definetly possible to see on which IP you are connected to.. You can even do this easily with the LabyMod by enabling it in the GUI.
  6. this only shows the ip of the bungeecord
  7. Oh you are right didnt read the thread completly
  8. It is not possivle usually. However people can probably scan entire ipv4 with one server in a week or so, so scanning your hoster's ips for possible minecraft servers can be done really fast. Thats why exists