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  1. I want to do a item spin effect like this on mobs head how can I make this? Can you guys give a idea or pseudocode?
  2. I might not fully understand what you want to do but you can summon an armor stand and rotate it
  3. I have seen it before, there might be a way to summon an un-dispawnable item. I'm gonna look into this.
  4. Ok, so there is this event, so save NBT or smthng to check if that is the item, then cancel this event. To make it spin, I have no idea.
  5. I found the same thing on this video look at the villager at start.
  6. Items can spin without any touch I mean I dont have to add a spin effect for this. But I dont know maybe I must do.
  7. Ok, save NBT i recommend this so if your using that, create the item set the NBT with
    NBTEditor.set(item, true, "dontdespawn");
    then in your item despawn event check
    if(NBTEditor.getBoolean(event.getItem(), "dontdespawn"){

    I could be completely wrong, and I have not tried this., But this is what I would do
  8. The villager at the start of the video is an armorstand rotating with a block head while the first one you're trying to make is an Item entity.
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  9. I wont do that way. I will set a block to the armor stands head and rotate it with EulerAngle and runnables. Thanks anyway.
  10. I don‘t think recommending NBT stuff is a good idea when we already have the PersistentDataContainer since 1.14
  11. Its simpler than persistent data container.
  12. How?