can you make the best plugin? (Answer).

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by OfirTIM, May 29, 2017.

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  1. Can you make the best plugin in the world?
    or at least in spigot?
    The answer is pretty simple and it's No, You cannot make the best plugin.

    I thought through it so bad and you don't know how i came into conclusions about making the best plugin for abilities (Don't ask why i am into abilities so bad, i am just obsessed with hypixel Mega-Walls Abilities okay?!) and it's impossible!

    Due to overriden number of servers that contains different styles and different coding styles of plugins, ideas and ingame add-on options, we cannot make the perfect plugin (I think only the first plugin that can affect and change the client-side will be it).

    The reason why we cannot make such a perfect plugin is because there's so much endless options out there and some people haven't thought about them yet or they just made them already!
    Think about creating a plugin, but then someone else made it already, so you just upgrade it and make it 2 times better! does it make you a hero? no, it doesn't.
    you cannot be a hero or the best plugin maker in the world because you're not the person who first thought about the API idea and the based idea...
    Without @md_5 and other inner people who made such a big difference in CraftBukkit to make such a new version called Spigot! without them this thread... no sorry... THIS FORUMS and this big SPIGOT Minecraft Server OS we wouldn't be here creating those beautiful plugins named on spigot service! LETS ADMIT IT WE OWE @md_5 BIG BIG BIG Thank you...

    BUT! Wait! Before you get out of this thread saying "this guy is insane! my plugin is the best!", here's some tips for you to look up for a good futuristic plugin that can make you happy and other people happy as well! either if its a FREE PLUGIN or PREMIUM PLUGIN.
    - make it valuable so it'll be worth the download slap button!

    - think about it well and good... do you think about a good plugin or a plugin that already exist and you wanna make a better version of it? (i've been there so much times and i've made so much starter mistakes, and i'm happy i made them because look where i am today).

    - make it so if it is a purchasable plugin it'll be worth the price and worth your work as well!

    - Don't forget other people would help you out and won't get you stuck deep in holes! people don't wanna hurt you, they don't wanna have a go on you, they want to help... but before they help you, gotta help yourself by knowing the basics of all the stuff you're doing!.

    - Don't make every single problem into a big crazy problem! making a good plugin and a good idea will lead you to be a good successful Spigot plugin Developer/Sensor!

    Hope you learned something from this thread... and if you didn't it doesn't matter! i'll just leave this page for other people who are planning to be the next big stars for SpigotMC or Minecraft Server OS's.
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  2. This is the most useless thread I've seen in a while.
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  3. I know! This guy is insane, my plugin is the best!
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  5. But seriously,
    this is for the OP:
    1. Your thread is messy. Aesthetically. Don't just bold out everything. Check your grammar for a second before posting.
    2. Your arguments are all over the place
    3. You don't really have a point
    4. Your "solutions" are all obvious, and don't bring in anything new.
    5. Are you drunk?
  6. Not sure if it's because of the formatting but I was like
  7. קיצר אופיר, תחזור למאיפה שבאתה
  8. Still better than NodeOS
  9. This is spammy and the font sizes hurt my eyes. Plus don't judge other people's work, some people make livings on SpigotMC and their work is quality. Take @dunios and his amazing plugin NetworkManager, sure not updated recently(Like 2 day recently) but he works hard to provide quality plugins.
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  10. No, I am spammy;)
  11. very fine indeed.
  12. אני כבר מאיפה שאני .-.
    אני חושב שאני חיי או שאני סתם דפוק אחי XD
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