Can you suggest me hosting sites?

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  1. hi im looking for a good hosting sites,
    i got a survival - factions server with:

    85 plugins
    40-50 players
    10gb ram
    x3 cores - AMD Ryzen 3900X @ 4.6Ghz

    rn im using minecraft-hosting-pro
    i took their best plan and its pretty good for 20-30 players, but for 40+ players its not the best thing to have,
    there some tps drops,

    people have been told me to get a dedicated server, i saw OVH and theyre really good but their smallest plan has 32gb ram and i dont need that much,

    what do u suggest me to do ?
    help me please ♥
  2. Budget and location?
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  3. If OVH gives me 32gb ram for 65$ per month i would like to get half of it,
    16gb ram for 32$ (it doesnt have to be specific like that but in this range)

    and the location on france
  4. Arguably the best hosting provider for large servers is BisectHosting. They don’t overshare their nodes, and they’ve got brilliant support. It is more expensive than some other hosting providers, but for that price, you get things like quality 24/7 support, no oversharing, backups, and more. There’s also a 50% off promo code that you can find here, which will give you a great deal, especially if you start with an annual plan as you’ll only pay half of it. You also get a free subdomain, and you can optionally buy a custom domain for $12. I’ve never once seen anyone say a bad thing about BisectHosting.

    I’ve also heard good things about Apex Hosting, but I’ve never used it myself. Apex Hosting’s prices are very similar to BisectHosting’s prices. Stay away from cheap hosts like PebbleHost, though. As for your current host provide, MCProHosting, I constantly hear bad things about it, so it makes sense that you’re looking for a new provider. :coffee:
  5. Hi ive looked into BisectHosting and i saw there are 2 categories - VPS and Dedicated.
    So what are those packages? ->

    are they considered to be VPS or Dedicated ?
  6. BisectHosting’s main plans for Minecraft server hosting are shared servers, meaning each node is used by multiple people. However, as mentioned, they don’t overshare like some other hosting providers (like PebbleHosting) do.

    They do also offer dedicated servers and VPS hosting, though. But personally, I’d go with the regular option of shared hosting. :coffee:
  7. and what type of cpu BisectHosting gonna provide me ?
  8. ExtraVM do 3900X / 3950X VPSs in their Texas location

    v3 xeons iirc
  9. i think i'll take the Budget Minecraft Hosting - Package 16GB
    from BiscetHosting
    you think it can handle

    factions server with
    85 plugins
    50+ players
    a lot of xp farms?
  10. Go with 8GB RAM, but a host with better CPUs. ExtraVM shared hosting should be fine.
  11. If I were you, I’d go with BisectHosting and choose this plan:


    With this plan, you can choose France as the server location.

    Use the promo code 0TE3H6U8PM for 50% off your first billing, which is a fantastic deal. I’d go for an annual subscription to save the most money.

    However, ExtraVM is equally as good as BisectHosting. On ExtraVM, you can use the promo code THR12 for 12% off, lifetime. If that doesn’t work, use LET10 for 10% off, lifetime, instead. :coffee:
  12. ExtraVM will have better CPU - and OP sounds like he needs quite a strong CPU for his server, in comparison to a v3 Xeon
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  13. i heard the Budget plan isnt that good for 40-50+ players, and the premium plan is pretty expensive
  14. That’s an old post. I believe they used to provide HDDs with the budget options, but now, you get SSDs whether you choose budget or premium.

    You also get unlimited SSD space with either budget or premium, which is pretty nice, as you can expand your world indefinitely.
    Budget and premium both use the same SSDs and CPUs, as far as I know. :coffee:
  15. how can i make sure of that? cause its not listed anywhere
  17. ^^ An ExtraVM server will give you better performance. Their NVME VPSs have the exact CPU you want OP
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  18. alright sounds good but, why should i take 8gb ram?

    according to this video >
    for every 10 players / 20 plugins i should take 1gb of ram

    and i got 50+ players
    and 85+ plugins

    isnt it better for me to take the 12-16 ram ?
  19. Always go shockbyte. It’s the best for sure.
  20. It doesn't scale linearly like that. 8GB should be fine.

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