Can You Switch From Spigot To Paper Spigot Safely

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  1. So i have been working on a faction server but i was dumb and forgot about 1.8 cannoning is bad and much harder. I have been looking for other fixes and the only one i found was Paper Spigot. And i have worked on a lot of things before remembering about cannoning. So I was wondering if there is a safe way to switch. By safe i mean it can do this stuff:

    • Use the same old world and remember the warps i set up.
    • Remember/Use the plugins and save there config i have set up
    • Works with the BukkitGUI launcher
    I saw a few forums on this but nothing answered most of these and some people had mixed answers.
  2. Make a backup, and test it, for any further support, you won't get it from the Spigot forum/community.
    Some plugins might break and you may not get a fix for it cos you run PaperSpigot.
  3. thanks for the help. its hard to find forums about this
  4. lol its always recommended to backup before doing big changes any server owner should know that
  5. I've always ran PaperSpigot and I highly recommend running it as well.

    It's basically a drop in and replaced .jar file, just like EssentialsX and Essentials.
  6. Yea, not quite and not a good comparison. Spigot is maintained by one of Minecraft's best Devs... @md_5
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  7. PaperSpigot is just as maintained as Spigot, and in simple terms is an optimized version of Spigot with much more leverage.

    It's the same concept with EssentialsX and Essentials to some extent, more so towards being an improved version of the other - EssentialsX has a ton of bug fixes while Essentials was basically abandoned going into 1.8 if I'm not mistaken, and some last ditch effort was made with a 'snapshot' for 1.8.
  8. ok....Maybe Paper needs their own Website/Forum then...Hmmmm. If I'm not mistaken, the Logo up there is SPIGOT! :) Peace.
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  9. Opinions vary
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  10. a simple, clean standard XenForo forum is "ew"? Ok... o_O

    And there are no known plugin incompatibilities with Paper, but this isn't the best place to ask about it. Please ask on our forums instead.
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